The 'Witch' Behind the Hedge

(About "Us")

When my middle school advisor told me my future would likely involve humanitarian efforts I rolled my eyes with a chuckle and thought to myself, "I prefer animals over people". Well, my chuckle must have flipped a switch because I soon grew this innate need to care for those around me that I saw struggling. Admittedly, this instinct often trumped my own needs. Self neglect, combined with other factors, has plopped me on a long road of relearning self care, even now. Nature has been a huge aid in this.

I've grown up in nature. If I wasn't exploring my backyard for plants and critters, I was exploring a wooded area down the street. Nature has always been a best friend, a home, and a source of solace that brings curiosity at the same time. I've grown up in a family of gardeners, bringing me inspiration to build my own botanical paradise. As my green thumb has grown, so has my connection to all of my plants. The mindfulness that comes with a growing connection to nature is incredibly therapeutic. This was my first glimpse into the healing powers of plants and nature.

My path to learning the healing powers of nature and self care has been a quite painful one. For the past five years I have endured widespread pain and weakness, accompanied with extreme fatigue and other symptoms. Bouncing from doctor to doctor, my symptoms have landed me at a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. I honestly never know how I'm going to feel but I try to make the most of each day. If my pain has taught me anything, it would have to be the importance of self care.

My paths of connecting with nature and reconnecting with care for myself have slowly merged over these years. It has only recently occurred to me that I can share the aspects of nature that have brought me such comfort and relief. And thus, Hedgewitch was created.

It is my dream to share the healing powers of nature and self care to all of those in need. I know what it's like to be in emotional and/or physical distress. You truly are never alone. It's so important to try and find a place of peace at least once in your day. With my products it is my sincerest hope to aid you in that effort ♥

Normalize self care. Routinize self care. Normalize self love. Give yourself credit. ♥

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